Vendor FAQ

Find below our most frequently asked questions.

Q. Do you provide electricity?

A. We do not provide electricity at any of our venues.

Q. Am I allowed to have a generator?

A. Only with permission prior as we have to put you in a position where you are 10 ft away from everything.

Q. Do you provide a tent or tables or chairs?

A. We do not provide these things. We do have tables, tent & tent weights, and side panels for rent. Please fill out the rental form and let us know the date(s) you need it for. We must have this 5 business days prior to the event.

Q. What time is setup?

A. Most venues it is 2 hours prior to start time. Aspen Grove it is 3-4 hours prior to event time and you must be ready for inspection from the Fire Dept one hour prior to the start of the event.

Q. Do you allow smoking cigarettes or marijuana?

A. Not in the event area at all. You will be asked to pack up and leave if you violate this rule.

Q. Do you allow booth sharing?

A. No we do not allow booth sharing as it can take up multiple categories and block out another vendor from getting into a show or oversaturating in a category. We do not allow booth sharing.

Q. Why won’t you refund me if I can’t make it to the event now?

A. When you apply we hold your category and turn others away that may have wanted that spot. By the time a vendor cancels its too hard for us to go back to the vendors we turned away as they probably found another show to attend. It can often be last minute and we wouldn’t be able to fill your empty spot. We have a very strict policy on no refunds due to that.

Q. Do you provide a tent or tables or a chair?

A. We do not. We provide the space, the marketing, etc. All Vendors are responsible for how they fill their space. You must provide your own tent, tent weights (50lbs on each leg), Table, Table Cloths, Chairs, etc.
We do rent some items:

Tent & Weights $75
Tables $15/ea
(we do not rent chairs or table linens)